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Kingdom Citizenship

What is Citizenship?

Kingdom Citizenship should be the goal of every resident. If you are a loyal Kingdom Citizen whose allegiance to the King and the Great Emperor is absolute, your position and power are by far secondary issues which are tools, not sources of joy, because your joy will be complete and overflowing.

Kingdom Citizenship goes beyond a role in some online game. Kingdom Citizenship penetrates into the deepest parts of your heart. It is not something we pretend, rather it is a very real and powerful transformation that takes place inside of you.

Over the millennia, many have called this transformation by many different names: born-again, saved, believer, Christian, child of God; but one thing separates those who are titled from those who are transformed, and that is the depth of reality of the relationship that follows.

Although this is a role-play, Kingdom Citizenship could not be more real. If you want to be at peace with who we call the Great Emperor, namely God, if you want to know that all your sins are completely forgiven and drowned in the deepest sea, if you want to know your slate is wiped clean and you have a brand new start, and if you want peace and joy that can come from nowhere else followed by everlasting life, then Kingdom Citizenship is for you.

Those who are fearful, unbelieving, and wish to ultimately fail, will stand back. But those who wish to take their rightful place as princes and princesses, kings and queens, will allow the sacrificial blood of the risen Son of the Great Emperor to be infused into their spirits, and will thus become royalty, a son or a daughter of the King of the Universe.

Obtaining Citizenship

To become a Citizen of Community Kingdom, you should contact the Lord of the estate where you became a resident, or an official who has the rights to grant you citizenship.

You must first sign a scroll which signifies your agreement to abide by the laws of the Kingdom and of the estate where you reside. You also agree to abide by the laws and the spirit of the laws of the Great Scroll, known in the world of men as the Holy Bible.

You also will be asked to submit a letter of testimony, which will be read and approved, then placed in the Hall of Testimony for any interested party to read.

To Become a Citizen, Click Here.

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