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The Hall of Testimony

Ingrid Isabella-Ipatia's Letter of Testimony
The Lord called me when I was 38 to use me to guide my family to Christ Jesus.

It was one day, I was at work and the Lord sent a young man who was a servant of Him to bring a letter for my chief. And he introduced Jesus to me, and I accepted Him in my life. Since than, 16 years ago I'm serving the Lord. I've walk with the Lord not knowing that He was strengthened me to face great changes in my life. I was living in sin and He rescue me, my partner decided to marry me after 26 years of living together. My only begotten son went to be with the Lord, seven years ago at the age of seventeen. He was suffering from cancer and the Lord used him among the youth mightily. With his testimonies while he was among his friends, at school or among those who practice baseball, he would talk about his...

Larry Moore's Letter of Testimony
I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He brought me thru so much, and showed me many, many things while I was in Viet Nam.

I was in a Helecopter crash in a mine field. Not one mine went off. I was riding in the back of an ammo truck on a convoy, The truck broke down, and as we pulled off along the side of the road, the back duals straddled the detonation pin to an antitank mine. It did not go off.

Our company was on a patrol, and we set up camp along side of a river, at the end of a bridge. Our whole company was set up in a mine field with bouncing Betty land mines. Not one mine went off.

We set up along an abandoned air strip in the Bland Virgin Mountains. I rolled out my sleeping bag outside the tent to talk with God. At 2:20 am, God woke me up and told me to crawl. It was pe...

Abbie Abismo's Letter of Testimony
I tell you the last five years have been a great challenge, disapoinment and triumph for me. My mother who had congestive heart failure, kidney failure, diabeties and other things was under great strain with her health. I took care of her for the last five years and was in denial of the fact that jesus was telling me that she was about to die soon. I denied it becuase I was co dependant becuase I stayed at home to care for her. I got a call one night at 1:30 in the morning in my little co dependant world saying mom fell and hit her head slamming it into the concrete floor and killing herself. I know how it was god's timing to take her out, it was her time. Then I was in panic, I thought I couldnt live without one or both of my parents around, god how wrong I was. I am now free of stress, c...

Jennifer Haggerty's Letter of Testimony
I have always believed in God and believed that Jesus Christ died for my sins but have never had a full understanding of what that meant or lived my life for God. I had so many doubts (excuses really) as to why I didn't or couldn't live my life for God at the moment but then I found this fantastic church.

Through our pastor the Lord has answered all of my questions and assuaged all of my doubts. Our church is a calvary church and our pastor teaches verse-by-verse through the bible. This is the first church I have ever attended that I have just absolutely felt 100% at home in.

I have so much more peace in my life now. I don't walk around with a pessimistic view of life or a big chip on my shoulder every day. Not only do I have tolerance for other but I love them now.


David Raglin's Letter of Testimony
Hello All Believers

My name is David Raglin. My letter of testimony, is that of a long journey. Journey you ask? Like most people on this earth, we face a question of; How or what am I to do on this great earth. Many of us, go for years, searching our souls, looking for something. Seeking out who we are, and why we are here. Now whether that means, Your Goals, Aspirations, Career Choices, Education or just trying to survive. You feel a sense that you are to be doing something else or searching for a completness about you.

Well for me, that journey took me 41 years to realize the things in my life and why I felt empty. Now mind you, I have been brought up in a "religious" enviroment. Even seeking Christian based high school activities as Young Life, and continued with Young L...

David Beverly's Letter of Testimony
I was brought to Jesus Christ at a early age. I was only seven years old when my grandfather was preaching about the love of Jesus Christ. I felt the Holy Spirit moving in my soul. I went down to the altar and confessed that I was a sinner and without him I was nothing but fodder for the flames of hell.

I became a new person that day. I was a farmer's son so we did not go everywhere that some of my school friends went. I started to get bitter about why God left my family out of his blessings, until that day of salvation. Then I knew that my dad was just as important to the will of God as all of my so-called friends.

When I was around twelve years old, I felt the call on my life to become a minister of the word of God. I was told that I was too young for the ministry. So I went to m...

Janeyza Vega's Letter of Testimony
I come from a christian family, I was raised in a pentecostal church, pretty much grew up in church but I never had a relationship with the Lord. I was one of those kids that just went to church because my parents took me, so I had to go.

My youth years in church were pretty hard for me going through very difficult times as a teenager not really knowing or understanding that God was there for me if only I would seek Him and allow Him to fight my battles for me. I rebelled against God and against church for all the wrong things in my life and I totally turned my back on the Lord.

I was 18 when I got married as a way out of my house and as a way to do whatever I wanted to do. I had my first son, Chris, at the age on 19, and was divorced by the age of 22. I remarried when I was 2...

Gregory Baird Sr.'s Letter of Testimony
In the latter half of the 1970's, I was lost in a sea of perpetual sin. I was a heavy drinker and brawler and had an absolute disdain for anything resembling authority including my parents.

In 1979, I was in the third of a series of Rock and Roll bands I was affiliated with and had gone out after a show one evening and stayed out drinking until dawn. When I woke up later that same morning, I was alone and in a strange place.

I put my coat on and went outside to make my way home and reaching into my jacket pocket for a cigarette I found a Bible tract called the Romans Road to Salvation. On the front of it my mother had written, "Read This." I thought to myself, "Here we go again...Will she never quit preaching to me?" But as I made my way home I began to read that tract and as I mad...

Kelly Braz's Letter of Testimony
As a child I went to Sunday school some of the time. My mother taught me that there was a God and His son Jesus Christ. At the age of 6 or 7 my aunt passed away and I was standing in my driveway that afternoon and I witnessed Jesus taking my aunt to heaven. I saw Jesus holding her hand and the two of them were walking up a ladder into heaven. That impacted my life and I never forgot it.

At various times throughout my adulthood I would go to church and I could feel God tugging on my heart. I knew He wanted me to give my life to Him but I was fearful of my husband leaving me. I was insecure about being alone.

In the summer of 2001 a friend invited my husband and myself to church. He went and then began going regularly. I was thriled and of course I was attending myself becau...

James Lee's Letter of Testimony
Hello- Brethren;

I am James Lee; 44 married
Time knowing Jesus; 15 years
I came to God when I was delivered from Alcoholism, Homelessness and a suicidal spirit when my church reached out to me and took me from the road, as a homeless man

The Lord used the elders of my local body to train me up and send me out to do missions work in South America for 5 years and then I also served as a missions worker for another year on the stateside when I was called to help a church with their building project - I have experiance in physical helps as well as Evangelism. I was licensed by my local Body for Evangelism work in 2001 See iclcnetwork.com to see site for the local church body I am connected to.

In South America I was envolved in Evangelism - building teams to do crusades in rural ju...

Gary Rosser's Letter of Testimony
I can remember being led to God when I was 11 years old. Sitting in childrens church and thinking that I needed to get up and walk forward. I did and it changed my life. The thing through that I was young and very impressionable.

I asked Jesus to forgive and come into my world. What kind of sins that a 11 year old could commit? Well it is now the year 2007 and I'm 41 married and for the past years I've been the Lords service in ministry and Just trying to be His witiness. I now know what the Lord was doing when I was 11, He was setting me up for the rest of my life.

This is to everyone that wonders what is the God of the universe wants with a small child, grown up, rich, poor, sinner, or saint. God has a plan, a road, a narrow gate, that we at the time will not know but He does, k...

David Azbell's Letter of Testimony
I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have 5 Children and 6 grandchildren. I have been married and divorced 4 times. I have been convicted of a crime, tried to commit suicide, have lost several family members due to death, including my Dad and sister, been in jail, drank heavily and did drugs. I hope that through my story you will be able to find that God can change your life. Through Jesus Christ you can be made a new person. You can be washed clean and a new life will be yours.

I was raised in a stable home with a Mother and Father who worked hard and loved their family. My grandmother and grandfather on my Father's side were Christians who helped teach us right from wrong and usually taught from the Bible. We went to Sunday School as children and I learned a lot of the Bible. I even taug...

Katie Farmer's Letter of Testimony
When I was 8 months old I was diagnosed with Epilesy. I had 350 a day without medicine and 150 a day with it. I also stopped learning at 6 months old. one night the lord told my mom he was going to heal me in his time.

When I was 1 1/2 years old God told my mom one night he was going to heal me the next night. She had some specfic instructions. God told her a specfic man had to be the one to pray over me. she must get his phone number. God also told her how he was going to pray.

The man was a chaplin in a Juvenile detention center. my mom called him and told him he had to pray over me by phone because of being 1500 miles away. the night I was instantly healed. The doctor didn't belive in healing and asked my mom to agree to an EEG for me. She said yes. a week later the doctor told m...

Michael Glaze's Letter of Testimony
I grew up in a Christian family and regularly attended a church for my entire life. But my problem, just like the rest of the world, was that I have sinned and offended a holy and righteous God and was headed for an eternity separated from God.

My parents, along with leaders at my church told me about Jesus and the price he paid for my sins. The fact that the God who created the universe would take my punishment is amazing. Although it seems that I have not wandered far or lived long in the world, but before accepted Christ's punishment, I was just moments away from eternal separation from Christ, I repented of my sins and put my faith in Jesus Christ.

In 2006 I moved to Appleton, WI from St. Paul, MN. I had many friends in Minnesota that were like brothers and sisters to me. It was...

Chris Litz's Letter of Testimony
I was raised in the Catholic Church as a boy, but never knew who Christ was, other than the man who was hanging on the cross over the altar.

Iím 54 now, and it wasnít until 11 years ago that I actually started a relationship with Christ.

I spent most of my years since the age of 19 doing all of the wrong things. Iíve been a musician all of my life and was fortunate enough to taste the big time playing in a band and opening for some of todayís major country acts. Along with that life came, partying and running around on my wife and pretty much not being there for my family. The music was more important to me then.

Fast forward to 1996. I was asked to play my guitar and sing at a friendís wedding in a small mountain chapel in Maryland. From the moment I walked in I sensed somethin...

Leroy Meadows's Letter of Testimony
I grew up in a christian home and always had thought of myself as a christian. I even went to a christian school. After financial problems forced my parents to withdraw me from christian school and enroll me in a public school, my life started going downhill. Soon, I was too much for my parents to handle.

It was at this point that my parents were considering sending me to a christian group home for troubled teens. It looked like I would be going to Texas, which is a looooong way from Ohio. Instead I ended up in the middle of Michigan. About a month before I turned 15, I ended up giving my heart to the Lord and letting Him live His life through me. A year and a half later I was finally able to live with my parents again. I went back to the christian school for my last 2 years a...

Scott Christensen's Letter of Testimony
I come to Jesus late in life at age 30, prior to my being saved I belonged to a church that practiced church light, You know the type, forgiveness for ALL with no salvation!

Well I work in a prison as a correctional Officer and I took a job as the Chapel Officer. One of the chaplains there was a southern Baptist. Over the next few months I listed to his sermons and during down time I would talk with the chaplain about Christ. His belief in Christ was like nothing I had seen in my church, The chaplain spent allot of time teaching me about the Real Jesus, about the bible and how to use it and that the only authority in the church was Jesus Christ and his word.

Well I spent the next year reading and rereading the Bible. And a greet an wondrous thing happened I prayed to Jesus asking fo...

Kathryn Slay's Letter of Testimony
My family was Epsicopalian for a number of years. I was in the choir and attended most of the church functions. When I was 8, my mother, who was a single mother, did an about-face and began attending a Baptist church. At 9, I accepted Jesus into my life. Soon thereafter, I dedicated my life to him.

My mother fell away from the Lord soon after. I struggled with her decision to live once again in the world and for herself. Years later, I married a wonderful man who came from a much different religious background than me. We got married and had 2 children, both boys. We lived our lives according to God, but not dedicated to the Lord. My youngest son was born early and after a long struggle, was sent home from the hospital at 3 months old with the grimest prognosis a parent could...

Michael Ramos's Letter of Testimony
I acknowledge God's presence in our lives and God's call to grow in Jesus Christ, commit ourselves to strengthen, promote and extend a community of Justice, Faith, Love and Peace. At present I live this mission by being a Eremitic Monk whose path is CONTEMPLATION: by the strength of the spirit, to live as continually as possible in the light of the love of God for us, made manifest in Christ.

I was raised in a God loving family and was active in the Church since I could remember. And was very happy in those day. But as many have done, I fell away for a decade in the '80s. I was doing very well in the secular and material world but was never truly happy. I eventually was blessed to be able to soften my heart again and open the door for Our Lord Jesus Christ to come back into my life. I...

ROLENE BOTHA's Letter of Testimony
I CAME TO KNOW THE LORD WHEN I WAS JUST 12 YEARS OLD. It was the beggining of an interesting journey. I had lots of questions about God and unfortunately there wasn't anyone to answer my questions. I read the Bible and just didn't seem able to find answers and understanding. So I just left the church and did't bother to seek out another place to worship.

I lived my young life, doing what most teenagers do, but always with a sense of guilt, knowing I was doing wrong and should return to the Lord.

When I met my husband he was a regular church goer, but the problem was that he was pentecostal and going with him and being introduced to the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues and all that I was afraid and fled in fear. I stopped once again going to church with him. Our circumstan...

Grace Goodwin's Letter of Testimony
I grew up with Jesus in my life. Having been brought up in a Roman Catholic household and having attended Catholic school from Kindergarten through my graduation from High School definitely shaped the person I have become today.

I had my moments of doubt throughout my life. The divorce of my parents, the death of people around my life all started wearing at my faith. I started drinking and partying and proclaiming my supposed agnostic feelings at the time due to my frustration at not understanding why bad things happen.

I lived in darkness for several years, which was partially fueled by the type of people I was associating with. Then, my career hit a rough spot. I was fired from my job by a supervisor that never wanted to hire me to begin with. I had to commute to a job that was s...

Kristen Ellis's Letter of Testimony
My whole life I was raised in a charismatic church. I came to reconize that I had a special call in my life at the age of eight. I was in the third grade, and I was hit by a speeding truck. I did four backflips on the concrete and got up without a scratch on me. I knew this day that God has ordained me to be here for a reason.

I began to seek God with all of my heart. I remember having my parents read to me every day from the word, because my heart just wasn't satisfied.

I was baptized and filled with theHoly Spirit at the age of 14. When I was 15 my family quit going to church. My heart was broken. I would pray every day that God would restore them, and bring them back to Him.

At this time, my aunt was very active in her church, Christ Temple. I started going with her on a regua...

Rebecca Palmer's Letter of Testimony
Let's see... I was brought up in a Christian home and thought that that was all it took to become a member of God's family. Then one day i was challenged by a person who asked me if I was a Christian, to which I responded "of course - both my parents are." The person then said, "Well, my mother is an alcoholic, does that make me one too?" It really got me thinking and that was when I found Living Sounds for the first time and met some amazing people who were able to help me and answer my questions.

I believe that is when I gave my heart to the Lord (I think around thirteen years of age). Life went on pretty well. My parents ran a school out in the country as a mission out reach and often I was the only Cristian student. My faith was tested and I was really tempted all through school an...

Lonzie Williams's Letter of Testimony
I came to know Jesus Christ (The Anointed One) at the early age of 12. But at that time I did not know my true identity as a Citizen of Heaven. I did not know the true power of Holy Spirit working in my life.

After I joined the military and became married I knew that in order for me to make it through the military and keep my family together and help them mature in the things in which God was calling me, I had to establish a better relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I rededicated my life at the age of 21 and accepted my calling into the ministry and begin to do as God directed me to do my the unction of Holy Spirit. Now at the level of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that I have I still wonder why I waited so late to do as He (Daddy God) had been directi...

Syamkumar Yendrapati's Letter of Testimony
Praise the Lord.

I am Syam born in Christian family. My testimony is God make very good things for me.. and he is always keeping me safe. When I was going out side and in other works, he is mighty God. I believe him and the Holy Bible.

I want to know about God, that's why I joined Ames Bible College. He is almighty God and my saviour. I am a reborn person. Jesus give me a new life with that. All is new in my life.

Jesus is walking with me daily in my works.
In our country many Hindu people are coming in to Christianity life. Why? Because god is doing great things in their life.

God gave a good word to me that was in the Bible. The Bible makes me a good porson, and very thankful.

Amanda Guest's Letter of Testimony
Hi, my name is Amanda. I grew up in church all of my life, accepted Jesus into my heart when I was a little girl and was baptised in water as soon as I was old enough to understand the meaning. I was pretty involved with my church and youth group, but still, something was always missing.

I became pregnant with my oldest son Dylan and at that time, wasn't in church except to visit. I became a single mom on a path to just support my son. I wasn't happy and often struggled with severe anxiety.

A year and a half later, I met the man who is now my husband and we became pregnant with our youngest son Matthew. My husband then had to leave for Afghanistan which left me all alone to give birth to Matthew and take care of the kids. My dad was living with me to help out for a while, but h...

Antonio Griffey's Letter of Testimony
I came to Christ as a child, eight yrs old. One Sunday morning, I was set to be baptistized, my mom wouldn't allow it. She worshipped witchcraft and said I was crazy, there is no GOD. So I was mad at GOD for 20 years.

I didn't understand how he gave me interpritation of his word at such a young age and yet I couldn't be adopted into the family. So I still prayed but I didn't give GOD the glory he deserved. But he still protected me.

Well two almost three years ago, my wife, my daughters and I were in Sunday worshiping service. Our minister did an alter call. My youngest daughter, who was asleep in my arms, sprang from my arms, and ran down to the alter for prayer. I thought to my self, at that moment, how can I continue to teach my children the beauty of Christ and his salvation, if...

Ivon Lopez's Letter of Testimony
I was born and raised Catholic and most of my life I considered myself a Catholic. However, to my demise some time early in my life, I was seduced by Satan and began to get involved in the occult: Santeria, Tarot Cards, Palm reading, ESP, horoscopes, etc. For many years I practiced the occult and thought that since I was not harming anyone, I was a good person. I lived in this lie for a long, long time not wanting to listen to people God was placing in my path to turn me around. I got involved in many relations and had two broken marriages, developed chronic illnesses, and lived in a state of depression, anger, and bitterness that affected every area of my life; I felt alone.

In all my despair and loneliness, the Lord gave me a child. My child became the only focus in my life and nothin...

Tanya Manada's Letter of Testimony
The devil had consumed every area of my life. He had came and stolen everything from me, mentally, physically and spiritually. Until one day, I said to myself, "the devil has consumed me!" It was at that moment when I realized that with God's help, I had to cancel the assignment of the enemy out of my life.

Deep down in my heart, I knew that God had a specific plan for my life, but at the time, I did not know exactly what that plan was. I was on an Easter Sunday when I decided, enough is enough. The devil could not have me. My mind, body, soul and spirit belonged to God Almighty. Oh Glory to God!

That Easter Sunday, I surrendered to the Most High God. Then suddenly like a mighty rushing wind, something came over me. The spirit of the Lord fell upon me. It literally threw me across ...

Joshua Brown's Letter of Testimony
I accepted Christ as my saviour on 02 DEC 2007 at exactly 9:30 pm. He gave me victory over a battle with depression. The enemy had hold of my mind to the point where I was hearing demons tell me they were going to kill me. The day I accepted Him, I had planned to take a bottle of pills and end my life

My life has changed so much. Where there was depression, there is now joy. Where there was fear, there is now a knowledge that my King is bigger than any obstacle. Where God seemed far-off and very distant, He is very close and I get closer to Him every day. Where there was emotional and psychological scarring, there is a healing and restoring.

My walk with Christ could be described in one phrase. "What do You want me to do today, Abba?" Christ has given me a servantís heart. I honestly...

Samantha Hutsell's Letter of Testimony
I have came to the college to find my way in life. I know I will faulter and fall, but with Gods help I can and WILL make it. Since my coming back to the Lord, I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor and the Lord has given me more than I can handle in my new and thriving business.

I thank him for everything he has given, and thank him so much for the sending the man he had intented for me. We were married April 21, 2007 of this year in the church by the best pastor I have ever known. We have been members of the church for 6 months now, and try and find extra time to help in making our church a place where others like us can come to praise the Lord, and thank him for bringing us his house.

Being brought up in the Assembly of God and being told it was the wrong church by my parents, I wa...

Frank Canelli's Letter of Testimony
Well first of all I was married for seven years and had no clue who Jesus really was. My marriage went bad and we split up. Soon afterwards, she started going to church. Her Pastor asked to meet with her and me together to see if there was any way to repair the marriage. After meeting for about two months and attending a few sunday services, my still wife at the time left the church and told them to leave her alone.

The Pastor called me with the news and said I was still more than welcome to come. I went back that following sunday and never left. About three months later, I accepted christ and it has been wonderful ever since. I pray to Him everyday for my fellow brothers and sisters.

It is the best time of the day when I can spend time with my Savior. I am also working towards goi...

Averil Werner's Letter of Testimony
I always used to think I had such a cool testimony, but now that Iím reaching 40 it seems like a lifetime ago and the way I viewed life when I was younger is definitely not the same.

My testimony now is that I was lost in sin and God chose to make Himself known to me. He showed me that He loved me and knew me personally and that He gave His only Son to die for my sins so that I could enter into a personal relationship with Him.

I accepted and asked Jesus into my heart when I was 15 years old. I was baptized in water a few months later and filled with the Holy Spirit several months after that. I lived in the Word and the church and my relationship with God grew at an incredible rate.

A wise man once told me to not just accept what man said, even from the pulpit, but to wei...

Elizabeth Bassinger's Letter of Testimony
I didnt come from what you would call the all-American normal home. I had a very abusive father, not really to us kids just the normal groundings and what not for us. But more towards my mother and then my step mother. (my dad has since gotten the help he needed and not raised a hand to a woman in almost 15 years. Way to go dad!!!)

Anyway I became pregnant at sixteen. My son is now a healthy thirteen-year-old. Things were actually pretty okay after that. My son's father and I did end up splitting up. I then met someone when my son was two. We met in November of 1996 and were married by January of 1997. He and I went on to have two more boys. In 2002 he was killed in a car accident leaving me a widow with three kids.

It went all down hill from there. I spent six out of seven nights f...

Kevin Williams's Letter of Testimony
It is a good thing that this profile doesnt have a word limit, for I could never begin to describe the work that God has done in my life.

He saved me during a time when i didn't think that I needed saving. I spent sometime in jail for not listening to God. I wanted to do things my way. But God was merciful and allowed me to go to jail. It was a pure act of love really, and I thank him so much for it.

Once he pulled me from the mire that I was in, I was able to look back and see where he brought me from. God has broken the chains of lust and pride that had ruled my entire existence. He saw me as He'd created me. A person who was a jewel; fearfully and wonderfully made.

God also was merciful in saving my family and bringing us back together again. He has went through the ranks of my...

Michael Vick's Letter of Testimony
I was raised in what the world calls a "good, moral family." I wasn't one of those kids who had it tough all of my life. I was raised in church but never really knew what it was all about.

Around the time I turned 15 I got my first car and a job and started hanging out with the "cool" crowd. I got into drugs, the whole party scene, and also quite a few other criminal activities.

Just before I turned 18 I got caught breaking into a car and was charged with felony auto burglary. I was close enough to 18 that I was certified as an adult and put in county jail. I knew a bonds woman so I was able to get out cheap and quick (needless to say that didn't teach me a lesson at all.) I was back to my same old routine the next day.

After about a year and a half, I was indicted to court for m...

Kenneth Thompson's Letter of Testimony
Well, I guess you could say I was about the worst sinner that I knew. I was into the goth lifestyle, and also messed around with pratices of witchcraft when I knew somewhere in my heart that I shouldn't. I also had pretty much the usual list of sins to include: Lying, cheating, cursing, idolatry, lust, and various other sins. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I met a very nice young lady that would help to blow my sinful life apart. Later, this young lady would become my wife.

It took her six months plus to even get me to entertain the thought of going to church. Once I finally gave into her, it took only two sermons for God Himself to reach my heart and let me know that He loves me. God Himself loves me, and all I was doing with my life was hurting Him. Hurting God's h...

Jeffrey Neilson's Letter of Testimony
I was born into a Methodist family and baptised as a child. Throughout my younger years I attended many different churches of many different denominations. But I never really had a strong sense of belonging or a strong spiritual foundation. It was not until recently that I have I beleive truly found God's grace.

One day for some reason that I truly can't remember, I ordered a book on the history of the Christian Church. I read it from cover to cover and though it was very interesting, it was only the beggining of a search for something more.

At this point I still had not found a Church or re affirmed my devotion to Jesus Christ. I then began reading the Bible. This is where things began to change. I felt a transformation in my heart and mind. I began reading the Greatest Story Ever t...

Christopher Rowe's Letter of Testimony
I was born into a Lutheran family. I grew up knowing nothing else until about the age of 14 or 15 when I felt a calling to study world religions.

I studied sects and cults for about three years and I started the Cult Information Center in Council Bluffs IA as a school project. By the end of the year we had an office, three desks, two phones, and a photocopy machine. We changed our name to Children in Crisis and shifted our organization as a peer outreach program and answered questions regarding things like drugs, peer pressure, pregnancy, and mental illness.

We had a long list of professional referrals that we could use to help those for whom we had strong concern, such as suicide, runaway, and abuse. We helped numerous runaways get back home and we helped many children of abuse se...

Tom W.'s Letter of Testimony
On a journey through philosophy and basics of different religions, building and refining my own view of the world, I made some new friends which introduced me to Christianity.

At first I considered what they said to be absurd, but with time - a year or two - all sorts of signs led me to my new path. One of them was the words written on the wall of a Christian hotel in Amsterdam, others were in connection with the music by Christian rock band 'DC Talk'.

Something else I can remember is frequently passing a Bible verse which was displayed in an advertisement window: John 14,6. This verse had something to do with my very personal blockades and did its part.

A very important step was in reading Hermann Hesse's words in his book 'The Glass Beed Game', especially the short biographies o...

Ziyad Bannoura's Letter of Testimony
My name is Ziyad Bannoura, I am from Bethlehem - israel, I was raised in traditional christian family, and when I was fifteen years old , I started to go to youth meeting but I realy didnt know anything about being a christian , so I started to read the bible and learn more about Christianity , after one year , I became the youth leader, but something was realy missing for me , I was telling the youth stories of the bible , and teach them about the bible and about Jesus, all this was useless, because I didnt feel anything inside me that leads me to do that, In the year 1981, I was invited to a prayer meeting where the Pastor was speaking about salvation and God's love , he was preaching from John 3:16 , that evening I felt the Holy Spirit works in me , that night I decided to be with Jesus...

Abigail Wind's Letter of Testimony
I have often heard testimonies that leave me feeling that the sins and struggles of us all are given more attention than the work God has done in our lives, so, it is ever so thoughtfully that I write mine down.To God be the glory! This is my "disclaimer"(?): I believe in the sanctity of marriage and do not condone divorce for any reason! I also do not offer excuses for sin and take full responsibilty for my choices and dissapointments. I, with both hands wide open accept forgiveness and restoring of my life. "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."Romans 5:20
I was baptised at the age of 11 and pregnant by 15. Needless to say, I turned away from the God of my youth.
My parents were nuturing, supportive and Godly. I am not the product of divorce, neglect or abuse. (Thank you, ...

Andrew Narehood's Letter of Testimony
My inspirational verse currently is Jos 1 6-9
6 "Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them. 7 Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. 8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

And is time to be strong and courageous. The Lord said it three times in three verses.
I wil...

Tina Rosas's Letter of Testimony
I have always went to church as long as I could remember off and on. I am not quite sure why I quit going but I did. I never quit believing in God. That I do know for sure. My kids have been going to church with my mom for a few years now. And she has been encouraging me to go ever since....even now on days when I wake up and don't feel like going. She bought me a new updated bible in Large print so I would have no problems reading it at all. I guess when I really got started studing the bible and going to curch again was before christmas. My family and I had just moved up north. We had just moved into this house and less than a month later the landlord decided to give us 24 hours to move out. It was totally illegal but the sheriff told us we had to go. We went to a motel for a ...

Stacey T's Letter of Testimony
When I first gave my life to God at the age of six, I hadnít really done anything ďbadĒ at that point in my life. But as I got older, I started to become very rude and disrespectful, I even started to cuss. I felt like I had no purpose in my life. When I was one year old my father left, so I have no remembrance of a father. For a long time I hated my father for leaving. When I was in the sixth grade at a summer camp I rededicated my life to Christ and got rebaptized. After that point in my life, I realized that now I didnít care that my father had left me and my mom, because I had a FATHER. God showed himself to me through the Bible, that he is my FATHER and that he could give me more than what ever my earthly father ever could. I forgave my father in my heart. My life now had purpose, ...

Diane Lopez's Letter of Testimony
There are so many things I could share about how God has transformed me and has made me into a new creation but mere words could never fully express the honor and glory my Lord deserves and the indescribable joy and humilty I feel that He has chosen to reveal Himself to me!

As a teenager I was always rebelling aganest my parents, cutting school, drinking, and smoking. I wanted to be my own boss and submit to no one. I would leave one sinful "phase" to go on to another. Never really being fulfilled by any. In the midst of all this ungodliness, at age 13 my Mom took me to church with her and I sort of liked being there, in the presence of God but I was still unwilling to fully follow Christ. I liked my sins and didn't see how I could change.

As the years progressed and I saw friends di...

Parathasarathy Samuelraja's Letter of Testimony
Iím Samuel Raja. P from Coimbatore. Basically Iím from Hindu background. I was born in Madurai and brought up there. There I did my schoolings and degree, and then I came to Coimbatore.

In my youth days I was an very drinking person and doing bad activities. And those days I had met an Christian girl her name is jithimole in Coimbatore. And just for fun I gone to church, there I touched by God through Godís word John 1:9.

From there my entire life is changed. I got married in 2004, Iíd married a Christian girl. Now Iím in Godís way. Now Iím going to one of the chruch in Coimbatore namely "Word Revival Church."

God had done many miracles in my life. My praises and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Claire Cormier's Letter of Testimony
My sister invited me to go to a freedom conference with Bob Edwards in 1999. It was a week long conference. I was brought up Catholic and I believed in God and Jesus but didn't believe I was worthy of HIM or that he would want me. I went to the conference and I have to say at first I was in awe and overcome by the christians there. I never saw people have fun in church at all. People had their hands in the air and were praising and singing....the music was good tooo. I was somewhat skeptical and thought it may be a cult. On the 3rd night after watching people go up to prayer being saved, holyspirit filled etc....Bob Edwards said that we are a child of God and that he Loves us and all he really wants is a personal relationship with him!!!!! Well I could hardly contain myself...some...

Ceci H's Letter of Testimony
I was raised by a single mom who did the best she knew how. We attended and served regularly the local Lutheran church. My mom likes to recount a story of me at age three, going forward at a prayer meeting for the altar call to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. (As an adult and mother, I know that while my childlike heart may have desired that, I could not truly know and understand the commitment at such a young age.)

As a teenager, I was still active in the church. I knew Jesus as my personal Savior, however I still struggled with my personal relationship. I had no earthly father, and I had no way to truly grasp the love of the Father for me. In many ways, I didn't even understand that I was blind to this. I knew the stories, I felt the Spirit, I read my Bible and prayed, and was in ...

Marta T. Ridley's Letter of Testimony
My name is Marta T. Ridley, I worked as a Manager for the Department of Social Services for New York City and after 20 yrs of service I resigned. I graduated from Boricua College in New York City in 1987 and major in Business Administration and Management. While attending college I was married to a very abusive man and was raising 3 children. Throughout the years of my marriage I put myself through college, and my main goal then was to better myself so that I could provide a better life for my children and have the ability to get out of the dangerous relationship I was living in. During all the years of my marriage I endured a lot of pain not only physically but mentally and emotionally, I suffered two nervous breakdowns and developed a lot of emotional and psychological problems. I remem...

Rick Wittner's Letter of Testimony
I first became a christian when I was around 7 years old,I went to Second Baptist Church,up until my early teens, when my parents got divorced. I thought if God was going to tear my family apart,I didnt want him around me.

When I was going to high school,one of my friends asked me to go with him to his church. So I started going to Whitney Baptist Church. I went their until I graduated from high school.

I started getting the attitude of I'm a grown man, I don't need to go to church and I sure don't need God telling me what to do. Boy, was I wrong.

In 1997, I got married to my first wife. She was a very sick woman, she had diabetes, Ellers Danlos Syndrom, and Lupus. In 1998 at 35 years old she passed away, that was a very trying time for me. On Valentine's Day 1998, my dad passed a...

Sandy Wickert's Letter of Testimony
I have been raised in a Christian home with Godly parents and invited Jesus into my heart at a young age. I had a rough time in elementary school, I was in a small class (8-9 people), and I didn't get along to well with the other girls at times. They talked behind my back, (or right in front me) it didn't matter to them. I dealt with bitterness for some years because of it.

In fourth grade my parents started home schooling me and my sister and brother. I was disappointed a few years later when my sister and brother went to public high school and I was kept at home. I allowed Satan to sow seeds of discontent and lies into my life then, and became resentful toward my family.

I finally entered high school and found it was not all that it had seemed to be to me when I was at home. Mid...

Adam Pruitt's Letter of Testimony
I grew up in a home and family that claimed to be christian. However, we only attended church maybe once or twice a year; and God took a backseat to alchohol and just about everything else in life. As I grew up I was repeatedly and habitually abused physically by the male role models in my life; and habitually neglected emotionally by all adults in my life.

Naturally being an abused child, and raised in a broken home; I turned to drugs and alchohol at an early age. I began using drugs at age 13, and alchohol at 14 years old. This continued and escalated throughout my teen years. I got into trouble at school and narrowly escaped arrest numerous times.

At age 16 I had become severly depressed and emotionally drained that I attempted suicide. I was hospitalized for 3 months. I think at ...

Regina Strand's Letter of Testimony
I accepted Jesus into my heart and accepted Him as Lord of my life in 1980. I read the sinner's prayer in the back of a bible I was reading. My life has been a journey of always trying to grow in Christ. I daily read the bible, His living word, for direction, comfort, knowledge, and understanding of how I should live daily. I pray every day after reading my devotional (daily bread) for wisdom and the needs of the people in my life. I also take time to listen to God's instruction through his word and the still small voice by the power of the Holy Spirit.

My greatest goal is to know God and love Him and do my best to serve Him daily. I weekly attend a bible believing church on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. I teach bible lessons on Wednesday nights to high school girls. I also attend a hom...

David Carr's Letter of Testimony
I have always been an avid lover of music. During my teenage years, I fell into the punk rock music scene and began using drugs, even though I was raised in a Christian home. Music and drugs ruled my life and that is all that I wanted for myself. I had a band that was being looked at by record labels and I was engaged to an aspiring model. It seemed that I had everything that I could ever want.

I lost all of that to my drug addiction which sent me even deeper into myself. After living years of my life in a drug-induced haze, I decided to clean up. In order to do that I joined the United States Army. Knowing that I couldn't use drugs in the Army, I spent my first year drowning myself in alcohol.

For my second year in the Army I went to war. War has a way of changing people that only t...

Christina 's Letter of Testimony
I came to know of Jesus in my early teens as I spent the summer working with a youth pastor. Life quickly got away from me and not only took control of me it also caused me to lose my communication with God. I would go to church on Easter or Christmas, but after a while I even stopped doing that. I actually lost sight to what that meant other than Jesus was born, died and resurrected.

Then in 2004 I was going through a lot of things, I was engaged to a man that was in prison, about to get laid off from my job, just had my house foreclosed and living in a home with my mom. The once independent woman was losing everything she had including that independance. I hated who I was and tried everything to make myself look and feel better only to make things worse the more I tried.

Then in J...

Jim Melody's Letter of Testimony
I have always been drawn to God. When I was only eight years old living in a very bad area of the city, I became lost and affraid. I sat under a tree in a city park. I was told never to go there alone but did it anyway. I looked up in the sky feeling very alone and scared. I saw a hand come down and point towards my home. I got up and ran thinking I must have had fallen a sleep and was dreaming. Many times after that over the years I seemed to have a lucky life. I didnt relize it was a blessed one.

Once in my twenties my mom told me I was offered to the Lord as a child. I was born a blue baby and almost died. My mother prayed to God to save me and then she offered my life as her way of saying thank you.

Well as I grew up I was so far form God in every part of life. I fell into music,...

David Bowman's Letter of Testimony
I was born in 1968 in the quiet town of Wood River, Illinois about 20 miles northeast across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri... from an early age I was attending church services with my older brother Fred, but to this young boy who did not yet understand the gospel message, church was just something we did on Sunday mornings.

Later, I believe it was 1977 because I remember hearing the radio announcement about Elvis Presleyís death, I was spending the summer in Dexter, Missouri with my older sister, Serena and her husband and son. She took us to a Pentecostal church there, and one evening while many were kneeling at the altar receiving Christ, I distinctly recall praying privately, "Jesus, I don't want to go to hell like the preacher was talking about... please save me." ...

Leigh Stout's Letter of Testimony
I became a christian at the age of 31. I thought for so long that I was a christian. On the day of my salvation, I was under such conviction it was unbearable. I went to a tent revival knowing what I needed to do. I went through the service, and at the close of the service, I tried to walk out the door and go home. I didn't make it.

I saw a pastor friend of mine and told him what was going on. I went to that revival a sinner bound for hell; I left that revival filled the precious holy ghost. I know where I will go when I leave this world.

I have backslidden and walked away from God, but he has always been waiting on me when I returned to Him.

I have 2 sons and a daughter. My husband is disabled. My two boys are both bipolar and ADHD. I know it is only by the grace of God and walki...

Hans van den Berg's Letter of Testimony
At birth I was loved by God... I didn't know. My father ran away, my mother didn't want me, and so I got adopted.

In this new family they tried to raise me up according to Christian rules and principles, but unfortunately being emotionally hurt themselves, I grew up with much hurt and confusion about who I really was and with the question if God really loved me.

In 2000, after both parents passed away after suffering from cancer, and also my Godfearing grandmother passed away, I ran away for my problems and emotions and ended up in Asia.

It was there, in 2004 that the Heavenly Father was waiting for me.

On the night of Dec 31, he showed me that I was on my way to hell (through a vision) and I cried out my heart to God.

There and then, He told me that He had gone to Heaven to...

Xendermyke Dabuo's Letter of Testimony
Praise God! April 14, 1995 remains emblazoned in the tablets of my heart.I became a new creature. Before then, I hadn't taken the issue of eternal salvation seriosly.But time and again the Holy Spirit pleaded with my heart warning me of the eternal consequences of living my life without Jesus.But halleluyah, I could't resist him forever. That night I came under a strong conviction that I was going to die someday, perhaps now. I felt I would immediately drop into hell if I died. So I nelt down and prayed to God, repented of my sins and received my Lord Jesus and believed in him.

My life changed instantly. I began to think and act differently. Most people around me were shocked including my friends and parents who weren't born again then. But praise God there saved today! My father in pa...

Robert Vaughn's Letter of Testimony
I have been a practicing Christian from my early childhood. Church was not something my entire family attended but I attended every chance I could. Most of my attendance the was confined to VBS or summertime camps and such.

As I grew older I continued to attend as often as I could. My parents were more involved in the material world to worry about church.

My grandmother was the only christian like person around me. She would remind me of the right things to do and that I was truly loved by the Lord for who I was.

I was going through a very rough adulteruous divorce in 1992 and began to attend my father's church. He had begun to attend regularly. I was called by the Lord to be baptized on Febuary 28th 1992. I have continued to attend church as often as possible.

I had several ye...

John Ramsey's Letter of Testimony
I was saved when I was seventeen years old, and rededicated my life to the Lord when I was 34. I am now saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ is my life, and everything I have I owe to him.

I love going to church and worshipping the Lord. I read my Bible and pray everyday. I am also involved with outreach at my church. My pastor annointed my friend and I as outreach ministers of the church. We do door-to-door witnessing, and go to nursing homes, homeless shelters, jails, and soon to be prisons, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have gotten many people saved or to rededicate there lives to the Lord.

I also do a Bible study at a nursing home. The Lord has healed my eyes and other sicknesses that I have had. I have also been delivered from strongholds....

Dorothy Parker's Letter of Testimony
First, I was born in a very religious family that didnít believe in divorces and the male was the head of the household and the wifeís place is to stand behind their husband. Many of my family and people accept violence against women as part of life. They also believe that a marriage is forever in the eyes of God and it would be a sin against Godís word.

I grew up seeing abuse in my home and seeing my father take a speaker wire and hit my mother across the face with it and leaving a scar across her face and staying with my father living with his rage and violent behavior regardless how I feel or my siblings.

When I went to school I was always bullied from other school children so it became where I hated school so I dropped out of school in the 7th grade because fear of going to schoo...

Karen Bean's Letter of Testimony
My grandmother instilled Christ in me, by insisting upon a Christian education from the beginning. At 8, I gave my life to Christ and was baptized.

Throughout my childhood I was involved in church activities and mission groups at school. By the time adolescence hit, though, I had begun depending more on myself and less on the Lord.

At 13, my grandmother died and our home church basically disavowed my grandfather & myself. I became very disillusioned with organized religion and God's love in general. For the next several years, I did my own thing - always guided by my morals (for instance, I never sold drugs to children or the elderly, and never charged interest on credit given), but never letting Christ have control over me. I rarely gave much thought to my salvation, one way or th...

Sherry A's Letter of Testimony
I actually came to know Lord as my Savior when I was 9, But in March 1990 I had a drawing in my heart to give my heart to Lord and be baptized. Which I did.

Lord was with me from a child and has watched over me and guided me throughout life even when I was not abiding as I should.

Lord has brought me through alocholic parent, abusive stepdad, abusive uncle, many bad choices as a rebellious teen, a marriage that resulted in an alocholic and drug addicted husband who became violent and abusive.

He has brought me through being homeless, from losing power and much more to now having raised my three kids and helping with my 3 grandkids and working in healthcare.

Being a single mom has been tough. I had a leading from Lord to homeschool my kids and it took me almost 3 years to mak...

Ebenezer Koranteng-Green's Letter of Testimony
Although I was born into a Christian family, I got to know Christ as my true and personal saviour on 26th. September, 1996 after attending a crusade where the film "The Pilgrimages Journey" was shown. I have never been the same since that day because Christ has been in control of affairs ever since.

I was nobody when we come to the family circles but the Lord lean on has now made me somebody to the extent that when the family meet although as young as I am everybody want to listen to the advise and contributions that I will. That is how God can turn things around in the life of the believer.

Presently serving as the Youth President of my church, I am doing everything possible to help nurture by brothers and sisters in the Lord.

As a secular teacher and a Sunday school teacher I ha...

Larry Roy Jr.'s Letter of Testimony
I was raised in a church that did not follow the true teachings of the Christian Faith. It was a religion of legalism and pride. God used my wife, children, and friends to bring me to the True Faith. I came to Christ in a Sunday morning service at the church that I now serve in. God has used me in many ways to touch not only the found, but the lost and seeking as well. Without God I would not be the person that I am today, nor the person I will continue to grow towards being in Christ.

God, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is always at work in my life, showing me better ways to help others to grow and learn for His Honor and Glory. It is my Calling in life to be always open to what God would have me do for Him. I am blessed to be able to touch many lives in the secular world, an...

Kassandra Dosal's Letter of Testimony
I first accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour when I was thirteen, about nine years ago. I had the best two years of my life from 13 to 15, when I was living in the spirit and had a personal relationship with the Lord. He comforted me when my adoptive parents physically abused me, always told me that He was there. Sometimes He would tell me through my brothers and sisters in Christ. He would give them messages for me that they received in prayer.

Then, after two years, my non-believer parents took me out of the church, took my Bibles, my music, and made sure I did not even socialize with christians because they said I had become a fanatic. They said that instead, I should enjoy being a young person and they told me to hang out with my neighbor who just happened to be a very prom...

Waylon Spencer's Letter of Testimony
As a child I was raised in a christian home, but as I grew older I strayed from my Christian raising and became what most would call an outlaw.

Years of drinking and drugging caught up with me in 1988 when I went to jail for stealing a car and robbing one of my best friends.

While in jail I said that I would never break the law again, but when I got back on the drugs I was right back to my old self.

In 2001 I got into a shoot-out with some people and was charged with attempted capital murder and sent to the state pen for 13 years. While there, I got rooted back in the word and have been serving the Lord ever since then, and thats been 4 years.

I now have my own ministry called Emergency Service Ministries and I minister to police officers, firemen, and EMT personel. I also mini...

Richard Urban's Letter of Testimony
I was born again July 12, 1971 8pm as the sun was going down, and I was also filed with the Holy Spirit all the same time.

Prior to that I came from many foster homes plus an abusive life, then went to Viet Nam so war someone told me about Jesus at that time but I let it go, it did not interest me then, but the seed was planted.

After I got out of the service, I met a friend who told me he was born again; but I wanted to party.

One day during a major snow storm, I opened the Bible to Matthew 24, and it really struck me. Then that July my friend led me to the Lord through a group of people.

I've had my ups and downs, but know the Lord has been awakening me to serve in the ministry. There have been hard times during the years, but Yeshua has delivered me through trials and devest...

Andree Robinson-Neal's Letter of Testimony
I grew up in a household like many others, with my mother and father. As a young person (an only child, by the way), I remember my mother being the faith leader in our house; dad did his own thing, attending services sometime. I do not, however remember mom reading her bible in front of me. My grandmother, my Nana, did that; she was my spiritual leader, teaching me to read from the bible, taking me to service with her, and living what I saw as a Godly lifestyle. She never did anything to access and prayed all the time.

I grew away from my faith walk when I went away to college; I met my first husband and got married. It was tough, but I know that God kept me.

I gave birth to our son, Khalil, who was born prematurely. God blessed me with him and he is one of the best gifts I c...

Jennifer Faust's Letter of Testimony
I am not sure where to begin, so I will begin at the beginning.

I was born on June 8, 1981. I am the oldest of a "mixed" family. My parents got divorced when I was really young. I grew up with my mom for a time, until I was about 7 or 8.

I am not sure what happened first, but I was saved in the backseat of my grandparents' car and also molested by my own grandfather when I lived with them for maybe a year or so.

My dad remarried in 1989. My step mom was really nice and she helped me through puberty, because I couldn't call my mom every time something happened. I started to drift away at this time. My step mom didn't know why, neither did my dad.

When I was about 10, I blurted out that grandpa had molested me and my dad talked to him, but that was all. Nothing else really happen...

Emily Mbelenga's Letter of Testimony
14th April 2006 is a day that will forever be etched in my memory. On this day, at Gospel Outreach Centre in Bahati, Nakuru, Kenya, I gave my life to Christ.

My main aim of going there was to seek healing for my brother Mwadime, who was suffering from some form of schizophrenia then. (Thank God he is now well although his twin has succumbed to the same disorder. I am trusting the Lord for His complete healing also.)

To be honest, salvation was the farthest thing from my mind then. I was feeling run down and broken and being close to my brother (I am next after them in birth order), I was blaming God and asking why my brother was going insane and yet God could heal him!

I however remember asking and praying to the Lord, even as I entired His sanctuary, "Please Lord, don't let me wa...

Stephanie McCulloch's Letter of Testimony
I was brought up in Quatrovientos, Spain. I, along with my other 2 brothers and older sister, lived in a Christian community under the "Move". They had their own church and school there, so I was brought up as a Christian. I lived in China from the age of 11-13, but had to return to start schooling in Scotland.

My sister had a child of 3 months when her husband kicked us both out. We spent the next years very poor and in council accommodation, which was a huge culture shock to me and I found it very deppressing... nothing to do but watch TV.

At the age of 16 I started having sex. My sister had no sex before her marriage, and I went the opposite way. By the time I was 21, I'd tried cocaine, hash and E's. I was in serious trouble.

It is only when I met some friends of my mum, who l...

Tim Price's Letter of Testimony
I came to Christ in 1984 after much searching and consideration. I later joined the Navigators then went to Bible School to learn more. Since I have been involved with cross-cultural mission, right here in my own home with foreign students living with my family. We are involved with House Church.

I am a publisher to help unknowns, both Christian and non-christians get published. I wrote my first book, The Diluted Church, as a means to stir thought within the church.

My website is: www.kingdomcitizenship.org. I formed it to help spread the word of citizenship in the Kingdom of God as a serious responsibility and a means of synergy in how to do it.

I am daily searching for Jesus and finding His direction for my life. I am not leaning on what the preacher says to "feed me" but...

Benjamin Faust's Letter of Testimony
Just submitted this for testing... Mine is coming!

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