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Ingrid Isabella-Ipatia's Letter of Testimony

The Lord called me when I was 38 to use me to guide my family to Christ Jesus.

It was one day, I was at work and the Lord sent a young man who was a servant of Him to bring a letter for my chief. And he introduced Jesus to me, and I accepted Him in my life. Since than, 16 years ago I'm serving the Lord. I've walk with the Lord not knowing that He was strengthened me to face great changes in my life. I was living in sin and He rescue me, my partner decided to marry me after 26 years of living together. My only begotten son went to be with the Lord, seven years ago at the age of seventeen. He was suffering from cancer and the Lord used him among the youth mightily. With his testimonies while he was among his friends, at school or among those who practice baseball, he would talk about his Saviour. I'm pastoring a church now for 11 years, doing God's word and living by the Word of God. Being a testimony to Him every day. And being how the Lord used me to bring my family to Christ. My father past away last year to be with the Lord. My brother is serving God. My sister and her children are all serving the Lord. And I on the wall to intercede for others to see the Lord touching them and healing them and bringing them to the submission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. The Lord is Great, and Greatly to be praised. And while I still have breath I will praise Him and serve Him. Hallelujah.
©2006 Living Sounds